Caregiver Survey

Caregiver Survey

Please Participate in the District Review Caregiver Survey

The Northampton Public School District is scheduled to participate in a District Review this year. The Office of District Reviews and Monitoring (ODRM) at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) conducts district reviews on a regular basis to provide all districts with an assessment of district systems, enabling district leaders to reflect on progress and strengthen performance.

The district review is intended to add value to the improvement cycle by providing an experienced team of district leaders who will provide an objective analysis and suggestions for improvement. The value of the district review is measured: first, by the reflection preparing and participating in the review promotes; second, by the usefulness of the findings and recommendations to district leaders and stakeholders; third, by the effectiveness of the resulting action steps and goals that the process generates; and, ultimately, by improved results.
As part of our preparation for the District Review, we have developed a set of standards-linked questionnaires for various stakeholder groups including caregivers. English and Spanish versions will be posted here by the end of 10.18.18

Spanish Version:

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