Conferencing with a Ghana Chief!

Conferencing with a Ghana Chief!

Students on the Grade 6 Recyclones team have had an extra special week in their studies of Africa. Their math teacher, Phil Cote, is currently in Ghana participating in a medical and educational humanitarian mission. Throughout his time in Ghana, Phil has sent images and video of life in Ghana, sharing as much as he can about home life, villages, market, climate, government, etc. The students have been mesmerized by the material Phil has sent to their Social Studies teacher, Laura St. Pierre. Their collaboration has been an integral part of Laura’s work in bring authentic exposure of life in Ghana to JFK students.

The Recyclones ramped it up this week when they set up a Zoom chat with one of the most prominent leaders in the region, Naa Imori Gomah II, Paramount Chief of the Wechiau Traditional Area. Phil organized a 40 minute interview with the Paramount Chief, Zooming the interview to the entire team of students at JFK. This was no small feat for Phil, as the chief’s palace lacks electricity, phone, or even running water. Somehow, Phil got internet service.

Phil brought a list of questions generated by the students, and translators navigated the interview with grace and plenty of laughter. At the end, students were able to directly ask the chief questions through the video conference. They couldn’t believe they were talking to an African Paramount Chief halfway around the world. Some of the JFK students who had been communicating with Ghana citizens got to meet them during the video conference as well.

It was an amazing experience for the students and a testament to the great work by the Recyclones teachers.

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