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This is a list of the approved websites for use in NPS Schools.
Name of ApplicationPurposeApproval Level/Grade Level
AspenSchool information database.Yes: K-12
BiblionasiumPurpose: Kids connect with friends, parents and teachers to share and recommend their favorite booksYes: K-8
BloggerBlog to share ideas, photos. Yes: Conditional (must turn off comment feature or make private only to members of group).
Brain PopAnimated videos discussing educational content. Quizzes & educational materials that align with the Common Core.Yes
Class DojoA space for communication between parents, students & teachers.Yes: with parental release.
Daily ReadAn online newspaper with tiered reading levels.Yes
Digital Passport: Common Sense MediaAn online platform to teach digital citizenship.Yes
DiigoA platform to bookmark and add notes to webpages.Yes
DreamboxAn online Math support program.Yes
Duo LingoThis is a language learning program. It covers many different languages & can involve communicating with other participants.Yes: with parental release.
EduPuzzleAn online program that allows teachers to pause videos to add questions for clarity of content. This also lets teachers crop videos.Yes
EduBlogA blogging environment specific for educators and students run by WordPress.Yes: conditional: No comments allowed if public.
FlocabularyEducational music videos to dance along with around certain subjects.Yes
Gamestar MechanicAllows students to create their own games.Yes
GeogebraAn online math app that helps teach concepts of Algebra, Geometry, spreadsheets, and graphs etc.Yes
Google Apps for EducationApplications such as Google Slides, Documents, and Forms, that are used for instructional activities and to demonstrate learning.Yes
GoReactA video recording/feedback app that can be used to provide assessment. Sometimes used in World Language classes or ASL classes.Yes
History UnfoldedA website with collected materials of newspaper articles on the Holocaust. Students can contribute articles they find as well.Yes: Parental Release
IXLIntervention tool for Language Arts, Math and Social Studies.Yes
Khan AcademyPersonalize learning on educational topics. Students are provided instructional material in the form of hints, videos, and have practice problems to help reinforce learning.Yes: Parental Release
Learning AllyOnline audiobooks and support for students and parents that have dyslexia. Yes: Parent Release
Lexia, Core 5Online reading, and literacy web tool that allows for differentiation.Yes
Listen CurrentOnline radio clips with lessons that can be used in class.Yes
Lucid ChartOnline tool to create diagrams and information sheets etc.Yes
MIT App InventorAn application that allows students to create their own apps.Yes: Parental Release
NaNoWriMoFor a month in November student’s can participate in a writing challenge “Novel November” writing every day.Yes
NavianceNaviance is a college and career readiness solution that help districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.Yes
NewselaAn online news article resource that allows for tiered reading levels as well as articles available in different languages. This site also allows for common core based assessments based on the articles read.Yes
OverdriveOnline library catalogue that allows access to audiobooks and eprint materials.Yes
PadletAn online virtual “bulletin” board, where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures, in a secure location.Yes
PearsonMany online platforms are run by Pearson such as Q-Interactive, AimsWeb, TestNav etc. Most of these are test-based applications. They also provide digital textbooks as well.Yes
PiktochartAn infographics/flyers creation program.Yes
PodOMaticA place to create, listen and share podcasts.Yes
PreziA presentation software that can zoom around a space to provide the information.Yes: Parental Release
Read & WriteAn extension to Google to help make websites and text accessible. Yes
Reading A-ZOnline leveled reading program.Yes
RecapA place for student reflection on their work–they can do so verbally and written.Yes
ScratchAn online programing tool created by MIT that allows students a chance to use programing language to create presentations and games. Yes: Parental Release
SkybrarySkybrary is a carefully curated, ever expanding interactive library of digital books and video explorations designed to engage young readers and foster a love of learning.Yes
SNO: Student Newspaper OnlineSNO is an online student newspaper hosting site for scholastic news programs.Yes
SocrativeAn online classroom management environment.Yes
Splash MathMath practice site.Yes
STAMP AssessmentUsed for assessment in world language courses.Yes
SUMdogMath practice site.Yes
Symphony MathOnline Math program that differentiates based on skill. Students interact with puzzles and math questions.Yes
TinkerCAD3D PrintingYes: Parental Release
TumblebooksOnline animated ebooks.Yes
Typing ClubOnline typing instruction application.Yes
VoiceThreadVisual interactive tool using webcams, screen recordings etc.Yes
WeVideoAn online movie creation tool.Yes
WikispacesAn online space to publish ideas.Yes: Parental Release


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