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Last Name First Name Title Email Address
Adams Garrett ELL [email protected]
Allessi Rebecca Tiered Instructional Specialist [email protected]
Ames Nick 5th [email protected]
Anderson Heidi SPED 4th [email protected]
Barca Linda Reading [email protected]
Bates Mary 1st [email protected]
Bredin Kathleen 4th [email protected]
Brown Ellen 1st [email protected]
Cameron Joanie 3rd [email protected]
Cantler David Technology Integration [email protected]
Carlton Sarah 1st [email protected]
Chang Tom 5th [email protected]
Cora Sadie 3rd [email protected]
Cowhey Mary Math [email protected]
Flinker Stepahnie SPED 3rd [email protected]
Garcia Maria Kindergarten [email protected]
Gerould Kim 3rd [email protected]
Gianesin Justin Counselor [email protected]
Hackerson Alicia SPED Kindergarten [email protected]
Lantz Cathy SPED 2nd [email protected]
Lilly Brenda Art [email protected]
Malynoski Kathy ELL [email protected]
McCue Kristin 2nd [email protected]
Mokerzecki Michelle 4th [email protected]
O’Connell Kim Music Ko’[email protected]
Raymer Anna Sped 5th [email protected]
Reed Jennifer Kindergarten [email protected]
Reed Mary Ellen Kindergarten [email protected]
Rodrigues Brian Sped [email protected]
Slattery Kieran 5th [email protected]
Smith Jolie 2nd [email protected]
Strouse Zach 4th [email protected]
Steward Daria SPED 1st [email protected]
Totty Janis Physical Education [email protected]
Walmsley Katharine 2nd [email protected]
Agna Gwen Principal [email protected]
Vega Maria Administrative Assist [email protected]
Johnson Deirdre Secretary [email protected]
Stewart Rebecca Nurse [email protected]
Bellavance-Grace Beth ESP [email protected]
Schipellite Karen ESP [email protected]
Flores Vivian ESP [email protected]
Jones PJ ESP-Kindergarten [email protected]
Morvidelli Joan ESP-Kindergarten [email protected]
Pastor Lilly ESP-Kindergarten [email protected]
Russell Patricia ESP-Library [email protected]mpton-k12.us
Houge Sarah PT [email protected]
Kadzik Christina Speech Therapist [email protected]
King Sarah Adjustment Counselor [email protected]
Mondschein Linda OT [email protected]
Sicotte Jasmine Psychologist [email protected]
Brakey Lynn Food Services [email protected]
DeGranpe Pat Food Services [email protected]
Livernois Eileen Food Services [email protected]
Lockerwood Sandy Food Services [email protected]
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