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About Guidance:

The Northampton High School Guidance Department is here to help students and families make the best possible use of the school’s range of offerings, from transition to ninth grade through graduation and post-graduate planning.

Our staff consists of four full-time guidance counselors, an adjustment counselor, and an administrative assistant. The department also collaborates with a number of counseling professionals within the school and around the district to provide comprehensive guidance and school counseling services to our students and families. Students are assigned to one guidance counselor, by alphabet, for grades nine through twelve.
Other functions of the Guidance Department include registration of new students entering grades nine through twelve, assisting students in creating a 4-year plan and schedule, administration of the PSAT and counseling related to use and interpretation of PSAT scores, support and counseling related to adjustment issues or concerns, assisting students in the use of Naviance, and college and career counseling, including assistance in understanding SAT and ACT standardized testing and registration procedures.

Guidance Staff


Roberta Fydenkevez (413) 587-1349 Last Names A-D (all students)
Karen Hidalgo (413) 587-1352 Last Names E-K (Gr 9&12)
Last Names E-L (Gr 10&11)
Sheila Deam (413) 587-1350
Last Names L-P (Gr 12)
Last Names M-R (Gr 10&11)
Last Names L-R (Gr 9)
Anna Rigali (413) 587-1351 Last Names Q-Z (Gr 9 – 11)
Last Names Q-Z (Gr 12) & all ELL Students
Kathy Goodwin-Boyd School Adjustment Counselor (413) 587-1372
Kelley Knight

Andrea Leydon

District School Social Worker

School Social Worker

(413) 587-1361

(413) 587-3103

Meshia Begin Internship Coordinator (413) 587-1358
Andrea Sullivan Guidance Secretary/Registrar (413) 587-1353

All staff have confidential voice mail.

All staff emails go by the formula of first initial, last name @northampton-k12.us (no spaces).

Guidance Department Phone: 413-587-1353

Guidance Department Fax: 413-587-1368