Joshua Dickson

Joshua Dickson

Associate Director of Student Services

Joshua is a well-rounded and accomplished special educator who specializes in assistive technology, curriculum development, and inclusion support for individuals of all ages and abilities. His background is in autism spectrum and communication disorders.

He began his career as a 1:1 aide in an integrated preschool classroom for an individual with cerebral palsy in North Adams, Massachusetts. Joshua stood out for his passionate ability and sincere dedication. Soon after, he was sought out by district administration to expand and the develop the school’s language based program for students on the autism spectrum. Joshua would spend the next 5-years in the public schools supporting students in grades Pre-K through 12, in both inclusive classrooms and substantially separate programs. In August 2014, Joshua joined the Northampton Public Schools as a special education teacher in their GOALS program.

Throughout his career he has continued to facilitate professional development for school districts, community organizations, and families on an array of topics including behavioral supports and visual strategies, assistive technology, and differentiated instruction. In 2015, Joshua joined Commūnicāre, LLC as an Assistive Technology Specialist. For the next two years, Joshua broadened his reach and assisted educators and school districts in utilizing technology to reveal opportunities for individuals and families across Massachusetts and Connecticut.

During that time, Joshua presented at local and national special education conferences including: Closing the Gap, Assistive Technology Industry of America (ATIA), and the Assistive Technology Conference of New England. After receiving his Master’s of Science in Education from Simmons College, Joshua guest lectured at ELMS College, Simmons College, and Cambridge College. In September 2017, Joshua became an adjunct professor at Cambridge College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Joshua’s pride in seeing others grow and acquire the academic, social-emotional, and life skills needed to access the world around them is what continues to motivate his unwavering dedication to his career. Currently, Joshua serves as an Associate Director of Student Services. He primarily oversees the district’s Early Childhood Program, as well as the district’s special education services for students in kindergarten through 5th grade..

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