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Welcome to Bridge Street School

Bridge Street School is the only downtown public elementary school in Northampton, Massachusetts.  We serve a diverse population of students, families, and community members.  We have approximately 300 students enrolled in Pre-K through 5thgrade.  Our location to the downtown area allows for our students to explore Northampton by foot.  Our students enjoy taking walking tours around the city to learn about Northampton and its rich history.

We have a dedicated faculty and staff committed to enriching the lives of our students through education, exploration, creativity, and hands on learning.  Bridge Street has strong support from its families and the local community.  We have an active volunteer program made of parents and community members who work with our students daily.
Every week at Bridge Street School the students, families, and community members meet in the gymnasium for our Weekly Celebration.  During the Weekly Celebration, classes take turns sharing an exciting topic they are learning about and present it to the entire school.  It also provides us with the opportunity to meet as a school family and to practice mindfulness.

Our school is a PBiS school (positive behaviors and intervention system) where we focus on the positive behaviors and replacement behaviors.  We follow the 4 R’s: Being Respectful, Reliable, Reasonable, and Responsible.  Students caught following the 4 R’s receive Paw Tickets from staff. Each classroom sets a goal to reach for the number of Paw Tickets they receive.  When they reach their goal, the classroom celebrates with something special. Our classes also use the Second Step Curriculum where students learn about Empathy, How to Manage Emotions, and Problem Solving.

Bridge Street School is a great school with wonderful students, families, and a dedicated faculty and staff. Please stop in to visit anytime, our doors are always open!

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