Chromebook Device Program

Chromebook Device Program

During the shutdown:

If your chromebook needs repair, please fill out THIS FORM HERE. You will need to drop it off at James House 42 Gothic Street between the hours of 9-12 on THURSDAYS.


Id card
Digital Driver’s License University of KY (Our links are below)

wrench & Screwdriver
Link to Repair Form

What is the Chromebook Program?

Starting in the Fall of 2019 students at JFK Middle school will be given an individualized Chromebook to use at school. Students in grade 6 will store the devices in their homerooms, picking them up at the beginning of every day and returning them at the end of their 4th period. If students need to take home a device to complete assignments they will be able to check out their device through the library system. Students in grades 7 & 8 will be assigned a Chromebook at the beginning of the year and will be expected to take the device to and from school daily–charging it at home in the evenings. For those who opt out of the program, they will be able to use the assigned Chromebook in the school only and will be expected to pick it up and return it by the end of the day.

Quick Links: Guidebook Grade 6   |   Guidebook Grades 7-8    |   Single Page Chromebook Agreement Form Grade 6   |   Single Page Chromebook Agreement Form Grades 7-8

Spanish Guidebook This is the 7-8th one but the content is the same except for the cost of the protection plan.

Caregiver Nights

Oct. 15th first floor computer lab across from the library at 5:30 we will have a “Caregiver Training”.

Topics to be covered (based on desires of group): Understanding the tools your student uses: checking out Google Drive & extensions, Google Classroom/Schoology.

Educational Resources

By clicking the pencil icon in the concept map above, teachers, parents and students will be guided to a page complete with resources on how to use common apps. There will be documents and video instruction on various applications that are used in the classrooms both by students and teachers. Some of the documents will be restricted to Northampton users and some are open to anyone. This page will continue to be updated by the IT staff.

Repair Strategy

As the number of devices in our district increase, so too is the likelihood that more repairs will need to happen. By clicking the tool icon in the concept map you will be take to a Google Form where you can fill out what is damaged or needs repair on your device. It is expected that all students will keep their Chromebook in the provided case at all times. No Chromebook should be stored in a backpack or be left out at athletic events. Weight applied to the screen will damage the display. After contacting the IT department, your Chromebook will be returned to the main office and you will be able to check out a loaner until your device is returned. All students in grades 7 and 8 can elect to pay $25 user fee to be enrolled in a Protection Plan program. The details of this plan can be seen HERE. Those families and students who qualify for free and reduced lunch will have a reduced or free rate. To fill out a repair, students will do so HERE.

Digital Drivers License

In order to participate in the program, it is expected that every middle school student will pass selected modules in digital citizenship that are required by the district to get their “Digital Driver’s License”. These involve questions about the repair process and the following topics by grade level:

Grade 6: LINK TO THE TEST–> Social Etiquette online, Posting things online & privacy settings, password protection/information sharing online.

Grade 7: LINK TO TEST–>Repair process, Copyright, Cyberbullying, Good Digital Habits.

Grade 8: LINK TO TEST–> Repair policy, posting things online, screen addiction, balance in chromebook use.

Go Guardian

The school uses a software program for monitoring student activity while using their chromebooks and Google accounts called Go Guardian. Go Guardian allows classroom management where student accounts can be viewed by the teacher to encourage on task behavior, group sharing of computer screens and specific websites to be pushed out to students. In addition, student accounts can be monitored outside of school hours as well. It is important to note: When your student is logged into his/her Google account, the websites visited are collected through GoGuardian. It is important to emphasize logging out of devices (this includes home computers) when not using the account. Parents please check to see if your student is logged on prior to using the chrome browser at home as well. Video tutorials on how you can tell if you’re logged in can be found HERE. While this information is collected through the history in student accounts normally, Go Guardian offers live time monitoring when the students are scheduled to be in class. If your student is out sick for the day and logs into his/her chromebook during the regular scheduled classes, his/her screen will show up in the class set for the teacher to observe. Student account searches may only be conducted by the Chief Information Officer or the Digital Literacy & Computer Science Coordinator upon request of a principal or associate principal investigating alleged violations of the student handbook, district policy and/or illegal activities. 

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