Announcements/Videos/Documents related to COVID


Click on the titles below to see the announcements that fall into that category. These documents/videos include posts from previous District Announcements as well as documents and videos for reference. We will continue updating this page.

Letter regarding pause continuation HERE –Jan 15, 2021

Coalition Tool Kit English HERESpanish Aqui –Jan 7, 2021

Asymptomatic Testing Letter HERE; Letter in Spanish HERE.  –Dec 17, 2020

Public Health Direct O’Leary Letter–Dec 11, 2020 SPANISH Version:
HERE Public Health Direct O’Leary Letter

Thanksgiving Other Activities–Nov 20, 2020

Student/Family Daily Checklist–Nov 20,2020

NPS Staff Daily Checklist–Nov 20, 2020

Emergency Health form; SPANISH Emergency Health Form; URDU Emergency Health form–Nov 20, 2020

Northampton School Committee Letter–Nov 6th 2020 – Spanish version here

Thanksgiving & Covid–Oct 27th 2020

Flu documents: Drive Through Flu Shot at Smith Voc, Flu Requirements for Students, SPANISH Version of Flu Requirements for Students–Oct 27th 2020

Revised Phased Transition to Hybrid Plan Presented Oct 22nd, 2020  Spanish Version HERE.


Staff Self Daily Checklist–Nov 2nd 2020

Family Self Daily Checklist–Nov 2nd 2020

UPDATED: Protocols–Oct 2020

MOA Remote Learning–Oct 2020

Update from Nurses–Sept. 2020

Family Self Daily Checklist–Sept. 2020

Staff Self Daily Checklist — Sept. 2020

Nexus Evaluation of air exchange rates in the Northampton Public Schools – September 2nd, 2020

NPS Reopening Plan 2020–August 14, 2020 SPANISH Reopening Plan HERE.

Fall Remote Learning Guidance_FINAL–August 6, 2020

Protocols for Responding to COVID scenarios–August 3, 2020

Preliminary School Reopening Summary–August 3, 2020

Caregiver Town Hall Meetings –July 27, 2020

DESE Initial Fall School Reopening Guidance — July 25, 2020

(English, Spanish, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese)

Community Resources

FAQ #1–July 9, 2020

Last Presentation on Reopening Models  —  June 12th Reopening Models

Letter from the NPS Pandemic Response Team–June 16, 2020

Potential School Reopening Models–June 12, 2020

Letter from the Commissioner–March 30, 2020

Doctor Video–August 4, 2020

3 Reopening Models--July 27, 2020

NPS Reopening Video–June 8, 2020

NPS Reopening Teams–May 12, 2020