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The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

JFK Mural imageOur middle school is dedicated to fostering high academic achievement and equal access to education in a positive learning environment. Organized on the middle school model, it focuses on the needs and characteristics of young adolescents. An instructional team system is used to provide a smaller learning environment for students, support the practice of interdisciplinary instruction, and build community within and outside of our building. An advisory program brings together students and adults three days a week in small groups, building peer and mentor relationships. A wonderful after-school program provides students with enrichment and academic support. The middle school community is proud of the work of the student Civil Rights Team, Students of Color Alliance, and Gay Straight Alliance. Our dedicated, student-focused, and creative teachers and staff are at the center of our commitment to the success of our students.


Stand Up JFK

Dear JFK Community,
We have had caregivers reach out to request more information about the Stand Up JFK lessons our community engaged with this spring. 
As educators and caregivers, we understand that people must first have a deep understanding of a problem before they can feel empowered to effect change. Through their coursework and Stand Up JFK, our students have had the opportunity to engage in learning and discussions about the history of race and the impact of racism in our country. This shared learning and work is never complete. To that end, we want to offer the content of the lessons for families who would like a more clear understanding of Stand Up JFK. 
The series of lessons were created in collaboration with our SOCA (Students of Color Alliance) and the School Council with the goal of being accessible and inclusive.
The lessons have been made available on our website and our Facebook page.
Thank you to Mareatha Wallace, SOCA, and the school council for their work on the Stand Up JFK lessons.
Thank you to Gilana Chelimsky for the Google Slides, and appreciation to the faculty and staff for facilitating the learning and discussion.
Take good care and be well,

Lesley Wilson, Jenni Manfredi, and Vinnie Napoli

Stand Up JFK Lessons

Day 1                    Day 2                    Day 3                    Day 4                    Day 5                    Day 6

Day 7                    Day 8                    Day 9                     Day 10                    Day 11


Is your chromebook in need of repair?

This Thursday, April 2, Jim Bates from the IT Department will be at 42 Gothic St Northampton MA to do chromebook repairs. If you have a student who needs this, please share that information with the student.
The student must bring his/her chromebook AND charger. He/She should email jbates@northampton-k12.us to coordinate a time so that the door can be opened and the student can place it in the lobby and get a temporary chromebook on loan.
We may have a “repair form” available to fill out as well.

We miss you all so much!

How much? Well, maybe this little video will remind you all how much we care and miss you.

Important Dates


REAL (Racial Equity and Learning)
hopes to connect with you this school year!
The overarching goals of REAL are to promote learning and dialogue within the Northampton public school community about the origins and functioning of systemic racism; inte
grate anti-racist perspectives into district culture, curriculum, and district and school activities; and build the knowledge and self-reflection required to work together to interrupt and dismantle racism in our society and our schools and to teach our children how to do this alongside us now and in the future.
Participation is flexible: some members have not been to a meeting, while others are regular attendees.  Our first meeting is this Sunday, October 6, 5:00-6:30 – please join us!  All are always welcome, including children.
Our website provides more informationhttps://realnorthampton.com/
Please contact one of the school reps, if you are interested in joining our list serve, coming to a meeting, or learning more about REAL: 
Bridge Street Elementary School— Annie Salsichsalsichannie@gmail.com
Jackson Street Elementary School— Jenny Benderjenny.bender@comcast.net
Leeds Elementary School— Kristen Eldeelde.kristen@gmail.com
RK Finn Ryan Road School— Lindsay Koshgarianlkoshgarian@gmail.com
JFK Middle School— Noel Raleynoelraley@yahoo.com
Northampton High School— Jen Berneche, jenberneche@gmail.com
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