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Students arrive and are dismissed to and from school many ways; they walk, ride bikes, arrive in buses, vans, and cars.  This reminder is being sent out for safety’s sake.

There are many things to consider that I would like to share with everyone:

  1. Buses –  Buses arrive in the morning at approximately 8:35, nobody should be parked on the exterior side of the bus loop between the hours of 8:30 and 8:50.  This rule applies in the afternoon during dismissal, 2:50 and 3:15.
  2. There is one exception, PRESCHOOL, The Preschool maintains a different schedule than the rest of school and as a result there are a few additional procedures for all to be aware of.  Preschool uses the entry doors in the bus loop that are closest to the small playground. Preschool arrival begins at 8:50 and parents, guardians and vans will be pulling up and dropping off at the doors.  This should be after the buses and vans have dropped off.  Preschool’s morning session ends at 11:20 and the pick up will be at the same doors.  Preschool’s afternoon session begins at 12:20 and there will be another drop off. Preschool dismissal is at 2:50 which means all pickups must be prompt so we can prepare for the arrival of the buses for regular dismissal.
  3. Kindergarten Drop Off and Pick Up – Those who pick up their Kindergarteners are the only families that should be utilizing the main parking lot.  It is understood at this busy time there might be some creative parking happening. Because of this, we respectfully ask that once you have either dropped off or picked up that you make your way to yours cars and exit the property top alleviate congestion.  The Kindergarteners will be on the playground and we ask that parents meet them near the Kindergarten wall by the gate.
  4. Parent Pick Up  – We have a driving/parking/pick-up/drop-off system in place at our school. The pick up line on Florence Street begins and extends down the street, please do not leave your car, do not pull up and park behind the crossing guard, please wait and proceed as the line moves forward.  While this seems like a large line in most all students are safely loaded by 3:15 (the latest).
  5. Walkers – It appears that the majority of our walker population lives in the surrounding  neighborhood and many parents and caregivers meet on the front lawn and escort the students home avoiding the main roads.  This practice works. For others who walk in each direction on Florence Street, please use the crosswalks and stay on the sidewalks.
  6. Bikers – First and foremost please  make sure students are wearing HELMETS it’s the law.   Also, if students are leaving bikes at our bike racks,please make sure that they are LOCKED!   Students should walk their bikes in the crosswalks and as they enter or exit the property.



Thanks for visiting Leeds Elementary School!  LES is a wonderful, eclectic mix of students, teachers and staff who strive daily to create an optimal environment for learning.  With efforts focused upon the Responsive Classroom approach to create climate, culture and values, we are committed to building a kind and caring citizenry with the clear understand that there is an emphasis on social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe community.  Students are recognized for positive actions through our “Bee” program which is rooted in being respectful and recognizes positive or contributory deeds  with a symbolic bumble bee eraser.  Community Meetings are held monthly with  each one being hosted by a different grade level to showcase student work and our values.

Family involvement, enrichment activities, community partnerships, a commitment to increased technology and most importantly a committed and dedicated staff all mesh to create a vibrant, child-centered elementary school. Please review the latest publication of the PTO to further your understanding of what we are all about! The 2017- 2018 booklet is accessible below.

At Leeds Elementary it is about one thing;



Useful Links:

Welcome Letter from the Principal  

Leed School Facts
  • Daily Start Time: 8:40 – Playground until 8:50 classroom teacher will greet children
  • Bus Schedule – Joy Winnie (413) 587-1337
  • WALKER Procedures: Before School/After School Dismissal
    • Drop off is at 8:40 and Door is closed by 8:50 (start of school)
    • 3:00 pm is afternoon dismissal
    • Students that will be dropped off or picked up daily from school will be dismissed at the upper loop. Please stay in you car and our staff will greet/deliver you child/children
  • BUS Dismissal Procedures:
    • Students that will ride the bus will line up by bus in the front of the building at 3:00 pm
  • LateBird/EarlyBird:
    • Students can arrive to school as early as 7:15 am and can stay at late as 5:00 pm. The program is supervised by Leeds School staff and the cost is $8.00 per session. Students will meet in the cafeteria for both programs. We do offer a reduced fee for families that qualify. Mr. Canata will review all requests. Mrs. Ryan is the Coordinator and can be reached at (413) 587-1530. Mr. Canata is also available for questions.
  • LEAP:
    • We are always seeking instructors and proposals for classes; please contact Mr. Canata if you are interested in offering a course. The LEAP program is the after school enrichment program and will start in September as well. Information will come home so please check your child’s back-back. This program is open to all students and again Mr. Canata will review all scholarship requests. Mrs. Cox is the Coordinator and can be reached at (413) 587-1530.
  • Lunch:
    • Hot lunch is served daily: $2.75 for full price lunch, $.40 for reduced and also free.
    • Students have a 40 minute combined lunch and recess daily. Please complete all Free and Reduced Lunch information as soon as possible and return to your child’s classroom teacher.
  • Schedules:
    • Classroom teachers will send home student schedules. Art and Music are once a week and Physical Education is twice per week. Please make sure students wear appropriate shoes.
  • Nurse: Emily Brackins
    • Any questions or concerns please contact Ms.Brackins at 587-1544
  • Change of Dismissal plans:
    • Please send a note to the office with any change of after school plans
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the main office with questions or concerns
    • Sharon DeWitt (413) 587-1530
    • Laurie O’Shepa (413) 587-1540
    • Please remember to contact the office if your child will be out of school for any reason.
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