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This shout out goes to..

Ms. Maggio! Way to keep an active blog going so parents and community members can see what your students are up to! My favorite is how the student’s took their unit on Polar Bears and made THIS!! What a great use of technology!!

Tech Resources

These items require a Northampton Email address to gain access to them.

Image of a leafAspen (

How to do the initial setup.. set up gradebook, assignments, link classes (High School & Middle School) 
How to Post Progress Reports HERE; How to post Report cards HERE (High School & Middle School)
A sheet for your students! Print this to show them how to login & check their grades.
Enter BAS Scores to Aspen (Elementary)
Dealing with Special Codes in Aspen
Using Dashboard within Aspen

Image of a purple tab that says My Learning PlanOasys aka MyLearningPlan (

Teacher Goals, Plan, Observations, Artifacts & Evidence etc. 
Adding Artifacts VIDEO HERE; How To HERE
Making an email a .pdf and uploading it Aspen VIDEO HERE; Uploading something from Google VIDEO HERE
Deciding if your artifact is a FILE or a URL cheat sheet HERE
District Prioritized Elements List HERE

MCAS Prep Materials 

This includes the presentation from the DLCS Coordinator on computer-based testing, How to Guide for practice and final test etc.

Click HERE

These items DO NOT require a Northampton Email address to gain access to them & we hope parents & guardians can benefit from them as well:

Google Apps For Education


Google Forms:

VideosChanging a Background, Adding Titles, & Questions, Finding your Results, Sending your Google Form

Paper Step-by-Step Guide: How To Create A Google Form

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