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Where to go if you have questions:

If you would like something updated on the website please email with your request.

For issues related to Aspen please contact the building administrative assistant at your student’s school or Cindy Kelley:

If you have issues related to your Google Account you can file a help ticket or contact Molly or Jim (listed below).

If you’re having technical difficulties with software/hardware click HERE to fill out a support ticket.

If you are in need of a new projector, please fill out the form HERE. Ethan Lucey will be in on Tuesdays and Thursdays focusing on AV related repairs.

If you are trying to learn something new, please contact your building Tech Integration Specialist listed below.

IT Services

Antonio Pagán

Antonio Pagán

Chief Information Officer

Antonio Pagán is an innovative thinker and strategic analyst for the issues current to education, especially online education, and technology...

Tech Integration Specialists

Molly McLoughlin

Molly McLoughlin

Digital Literacy & Computer Science Coordinator

As a trained educator, Molly has taken her experience working both in the classroom and with teachers into the field...

David Cantler

David Cantler

Tech Integration Specialist Jackson St. & Bridge St.

David was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but spent summers visiting Western MA to attend Camp Becket in...

Rocky Mariani-Prall

Rocky Mariani-Prall

Tech Integration Specialist Leeds & Ryan Rd.

Roxanne “Rocky”Mariani-Prall, a classroom teacher for seven years, now Elementary Technology Integration Specialist for the Northampton Public Schools, has a...

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